What is the Busiest Fast Food Restaurant in the World?

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There are many fast food chains worldwide, but which is the busiest? There are many different types of fast food restaurants, but three of them consistently dominate sales statistics. McDonald’s, Taco Bell, and Subway all occupy large portions of the planet’s fast food industry, so it’s not surprising that each one is considered a world leader.

Taco Bell

Taco Bell is a fast food chain that offers Mexican-inspired food. It was founded in 1962 by Glen Bell and had more than 7,000 locations worldwide. Its target market is young people aged 18-34. The company is known for its commitment to the brand name and product innovation.

While the company has tried to gain a significant share of the U.S. fast-food market, it has continued to evolve and change in response to the “new normal.” In 2020, it will launch a new rewards program to reward loyal customers. In addition, it will introduce a new level of superfan loyalty, the “fire” level. In addition, it will test curbside pickup and drive-through services in a “Go Mobile” prototype store.

Taco Bell has also worked to improve its menu and offer healthier options. They now offer vegan and vegetarian options and a calorie-cutting ‘Fresco’ option. This option leaves the cheese, rice, and sour cream off and adds pico de gallo.

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While McDonald’s is the biggest fast food chain in the world, it has also suffered from scandals in the past. One of its most well-known locations is in Anchorage, Alaska. It has a $5 box that includes tacos, fries, caramel apple empanada, and a 20-ounce beverage.


According to Technomic’s Top 500 Chain Restaurant Report, McDonald’s is the busiest fast-food chain globally, with over $40 billion in sales. That’s more than Starbucks’ $21 billion in sales. Although Starbucks has increased its stores, McDonald’s continues to grow and expand its sales.

The company has grown its menu to include more than burgers, including pizza and Belgian waffles. It has also introduced an all-day breakfast option. Additionally, the restaurant is aiming to optimize its drive-thrus operations. In addition, the company recently announced plans to stop serving premium burgers and switch to Quarter Pounders.

The most prominent McDonald’s location, Moscow’s Pushkin Square, opened in 1990. It broke opening-day records and remained the busiest in the world. The former Soviet Union is home to 79 McDonald’s. China, on the other hand, is home to over 400 McDonald’s outlets. Some believe no nation with McDonald’s should be at war with another country.

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Subway is another American fast-food chain with over 36,000 restaurants. The company does not own a single location, collecting 8% of the profits from franchisees. The company plans to open more than 40,000 locations in the United States by 2020. In the U.S., Starbucks is the largest single-brand restaurant chain.

Ray Kroc’s vision for McDonald’s has led to an innovative, integrated supply chain. Many of the company’s suppliers have started their businesses after working with Ray Kroc. In 1961, he established Hamburger University, a training school for franchisees. The program incorporated innovative cooking methods and used a research and development laboratory near Addison, Illinois.

McDonald’s is the busiest fast-food restaurant in the world, with more than 44,000 locations worldwide. As of the first quarter of 2017, it is the world’s most happening fast-food restaurant chain. Its expansion has spawned many other fast food chains, including KFC, Wendy’s, and Papa Murphy’s.


Subway is one of the world’s most popular fast food chains and has over 43,912 locations. It beats out McDonald’s, which has 37,241 outlets, and Starbucks, which has 27,339 locations. In 2013, the company reported total annual revenue of $9 billion from its retail outlets.

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However, the company has faced challenges defending itself as the busiest fast food restaurant worldwide. It has struggled in recent years to sustain its leadership position in the sandwich industry. Foot traffic has dropped 7.6 percent in the last year, and the company has been forced to close some of its locations. Since 2014, more than 350 Subway stores have closed.

Subway’s history can be traced back to 1965, when Peter and Fred DeLuca launched the first restaurant in Bridgeport, Connecticut. After a year, they expanded internationally and opened their first outlet in Bahrain. The same year, they rebranded the chain as Subway and began franchising worldwide. Subway’s headquarters are located in Milford, Connecticut.

Subway’s rapid expansion helped make the company the busiest restaurant chain in the world. The company now has more than 36,000 restaurants in over 100 countries. Today, 60% of its revenue came from outside the U.S. In 2020; Subway will have 43,600 locations worldwide. With its headquarters located in Milford, Connecticut, the company also operates five regional centers around the globe to serve the needs of its franchisees.

Subway’s growth continues to surpass McDonald’s in the U.S., where its locations are the most popular. Its most prominent place, New York, can process more than 3,500 transactions in a single day. In addition, it has overtaken McDonald’s as the busiest restaurant chain in the world, with 33,749 sites compared to 32,737 locations for the McDonald’s franchise.

Despite its success, Subway has been dropped from Forbes’ list of the world’s most valuable brands. Its openness about its financials has helped the company access capital and strengthen its brand. Despite the solid financial performance, the size of the chain has little to do with brand value.

Subway’s global growth is mainly due to its deli sandwiches. The fast-food chain generated over USD 5.35 billion in sales last year, making it the world’s seventh largest chain by volume. While the popularity of their sandwiches and subs is one factor, many customers have become loyal to the brand.

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